Ebook - 'Love and Spirituality' seen through the eyes of a psychic - click here
  • Ebook - 'Love and Spirituality' seen through the eyes of a psychic - click here

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'Love and Spirituality'

seen through the eyes of a psychic - Ron Malestein

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The main goal of this book is to support people. Everybody in their own special way has to deal with love matters. In my practice by far the most questions deal with love in one way or another. People come to me in search for advice. In most cases their relationship or marriage is in a rut. Long-term problems, especially problems concerning love, make people insecure. The longer these problems are part of someone’s life, the easier they can cause self-doubt. I try to give my clients more insight into their particular problems, using my psychic abilities, understanding and depth of feeling. In addition, I do my best to give them courage again and strength to move on. I have a talent for empathizing with people and getting a clear sense of what they need. Many situations my clients describe I can relate to as a result of my own life experience. I have gone through multiple relationships myself, which helps me a lot in working with my clients. People somehow seem to sense this. I enjoy restoring disharmony to harmony tremendously and have a natural drive to help people who seem to get stuck in their problems. Many of them have found that, nowadays, it is not easy to find someone who takes the time to really listen to you and take you seriously.
This book is written for everybody. There is something in it for everyone. I have tried to look at ‘love’ from different perspectives and to clarify its many aspects a little bit. I have tried to accomplish this by referring both to things that most readers will consider to be quite ordinary and commonplace and to things that are more confronting and spiritual. During my life I have come to understand that I can get into this subject matter one step deeper than most people can, using my ability to feel on a deeper level than most other people can. All the psychic images I see, together with my paranormal feelings, give me a deeper and more complete understanding of the problems at hand. I hope you can get something out of the book and apply that to your own unique and special life.

We all belong to one and the same human family. However, everybody does have their own character and unique feelings. As a psychic I could also put it like this: everyone has their own aura; no two auras are exactly the same. Everyone has their own way of reacting to things that happen around them. This has to do with their nature, experiences in their present life, but also with the uncountable experiences in the hundreds of previous lives they have lived. It is good to think about this more deeply for a moment or, as I put it to my friends, to philosophize about it. When having a conversation with someone it makes quite a difference whether or not they have given it some real thought.
Having had all those different experiences in life can cause a lot of misunderstanding, especially when they concern love matters. You can’t always blame someone when misunderstandings occur, because there is a difference in inner ‘depth’ between different people, which causes these problems that can be very painful, as we all undoubtedly know. In general, people mean well, but superficial or very intense feelings can easily cause problems. This is a shame but it happens a lot.

Psychic/paragnost Ron Malestein

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